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Escanaba River Utilities; Open and Close Procedures

Land & Taxes

The land is held in two parcels:

Tax No. 52-05-066-001-60 (the one with the buildings)
Tax. No. 52-05-066-001-65 (the vacant one)

Legal Description: Sec 16 T44N R25W N 1/2 OF N 1/2 OF N 1/2 OF SEC 16

State Equalized Valuation (“SEV”) on xx-60 $47,650 on xx-65 $17,400

Both of these parcels are currently taxed as 100% principal residence with the taxes set based on the Homestead Act: 13.839 mills for the “winter” tax and 9.6058 mills for the “summer” tax for a total of 23.445 mills/year. Any non-resident or non-primary homeowner would be taxed at an additional 18.0 mills on the winter taxes for a total of 41.445 mills.

Current taxes are based on the current owner’s taxable value, which will change when the property sells.

The Three Principal Structures

The main cabin is 21 x 25 with an 8 x 10 screened porch and a back entry of 7 x 7. The Studio is 12 x 24 with a 7.5 x 7.5 loft and attached greenhouse of 10 x 20. The barn is 24 x 32 with an 8-foot overhang on the side, making it 32 x 32.

Cabin Electrical System

The total solar and wind electrical output = 1,350 watts. Not including the back-up generator this is a $12,000 system.

The 24-volt system includes:
12 golf cart batteries in series
*H40 900-watt Whisper Wind Generator by Southwest Windpower, Inc., on a 100’ tower
EZ wire controller box and regulator with heat unit
6 BP2750 75-watt Solar Panels on an adjustable rack
Trace Dr3624 modified sine wave inverter
Studer-Joker M-200 sine wave inverter
Tri-metric battery system monitor
*5,000-watt Honda generator, converted to Propane, with remote start cable and starter

Maintenance required: check batteries spring and fall and top off if needed.
*Personal property included in the sale


83 feet deep with 5” steel casing. The last 40 feet is through limestone
Well pump: Gould 110-volts. The well’s standing water level is 2-3 feet above ground level. The pump takes 8-9 amps to start and 6 amps to run.

Hot Water Heater

Bosch tankless hot water heater, capable of delivering an endless supply of hot water

Cabin System’s shutdown and drain procedure

Electrical shut down: Turn wind brake on; turn solar panel feed, inverter, and circuit breakers to well, cabin and studio, off.

Water shut down: Turn off the input valve from the well. Open the valve to the plumbing run to the cabin. Open the valve to the run to the studio, and open the valve to the kitchen and bathroom sinks to release the vacuum so that the water will drain. Empty the drain bucket.

Optional: Turn off gas valve at the propane tank. (We leave the pilot light on the water heater burning in the cellar when we leave for the winter as this small amount of heat keeps the cellar above freezing.) All of the gas appliances have shut off valves so they can all be turned off individually.

Cabin System open up procedure

Reverse all of the above instructions. If the gas valve was turned off, light the pilot light on the water heater, stove burners and oven, and the refrigerator. (In the summer we turn off the gas and pilot lights on the heaters.)

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