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Bank-Owned Whole Private Lake

Four miles south of Grand Sable Lake at the eastern end of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore one of the largest and best whole private lakes in the Upper Peninsula is for sale.

Teal Lake is a bank owned lake within a 250-acre parcel. There is over four miles of lake frontage, the entire perimeter of a clear, deep, 60-acre Upper Peninsula lake filled with fighting northern pike, largemouth bass and perch… and no other landowner. An additional 240 acres is also available from the bank. Along the shore

Most of the lands and lakes surrounding this property for miles in every direction are protected by a Nature Conservancy/State easement that limits development and assures permanent access to the public. Teal Lake sits right between the best lake country of northeastern Alger County and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Click here to download a Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore map as a pdf.

On this property all the land is forested with hardwoods, primarily hard maple and beech. Most of the mature beech on the west end were cut five years ago, which is a good thing as beech bark disease is killing Michigan beech trees the way Dutch elm disease killed the elms. Perhaps 10% of the beech will be resistant. When the rest are gone saplings of hard maple, yellow birch, hemlock and pine will soon take their place.

The lake includes a large western basin and two smaller basins to the east, all connected. The western basin has the deepest water but all are good fishing and the eastern basins that meander through the forest are a haven for wildlife and a treat for anyone who loves to canoe or kayak. You can view a lake map by clicking right here: Teal Lake Map

Nice catchTowering white pines and hemlocks ring the lakes. Behind the majestic conifers are the hardwoods, primarily maple on most of the property with beech in varying amounts and a sprinkling of yellow birch with a few softwoods, primarily white birch and aspen. There are also a smattering of cedar swamps and swales in this country that provide cover for wildlife and diversity to the land, which is mostly sandy loam with some hills and ridges. There are no significant lowlands on this property.

There is a 1.5 story, 1,764 SF, 5 BR camp, with a usable 3-car storage building, all usable enough as a fishing or snowmobile camp, but it has fallen into disrepair and is at best an under-improvement for this outstanding setting. It could be cleaned up used with a little repair, but replacement probably makes sense sooner or later. No significant value has been attributed to these structures -- if you can use it for a while, that`s a plus.

Grand Marais, ten miles to the north, offers an excellent Harbor of Refuge and launch site for your boat. Keep a sport fisherman here (with twin IO`s for safety on the big lake), or moor a day sailor in the harbor, and you have world-class places to go past 12-mile Beach and along the painted cliffs and grottoes of the Pictured Rocks. A cruse around Grand Island, which is protected by the National Park System, is guaranteed to delight your guests. In the summer sea kayaks gather on the wide sand beaches at Grand Marais as a jumping off point to experience those pleasures and if you`ve never done that, you should!

31.-Typical-edge Summer offers many pleasures including kayaking on lakes and rivers in the area or, starting at the harbor in Grand Marais, paddling on Lake Superior down the face of the Grand Sable Dune and past the rock grottoes and sandstone cliffs of the Pictured Rocks. Cap it off with fresh whitefish or pizza later under the parquet ceiling at the Dunes bar and restaurant. I would be very tempted to keep a day sailor or powerboat in the harbor for longer jaunts.

Lakes in this area are home to nesting pairs of trumpeter swans, eagles, osprey, blue heron, loons and teal. Blue wing and green wing teal and wood ducks swing in on the wind and rest on the water. Loons nest here and fill the night with their haunting cries. Black bear saunter by, and often there are wolf prints on the entry road. In spring trillium and other wildflowers cover the forest floor and mushroom hunters search for morel mushrooms. Warblers fill the woods, grouse drum on old logs, and the waterfowl nest in the cover around the lakes.

This is an outstanding site for a hunting camp to be used for year round family recreation. Few parcels of land anywhere offer more ready access to surrounding lands that are open to the public. Fifty miles of the shoreline and the land behind it to the north are in the Federal park. One owner has the entire rest of the lake.1.-Main-full size A single timberland investment company owns all the surrounding land. The land and lake frontage that surrounds the two ownerships on Teal Lake is included in and protected by the huge conservation easement recently purchased by The Nature Conservancy in conjunction with the State of Michigan. 271,000 acres or nearly 450 square miles of timberland and lakes extending in every direction are protected and kept open for public use.

For a snowmobiler, the winter in this area is as good as it gets. From this property there is easy access to the groomed trails in the Pictured Rocks over the web of two-tracks and logging. My own preference runs to snowshoeing and x-country, but I`ve known the fun of running a sled through this forest in the powder and it`s an unforgettable, wonderful experience. I mostly keep photos on my websites to the current season, but I`ve been to nearby lakes in winter and have included a couple of winter shots below.

There are many fine building sites well above the lakes with excellent views of the opposing shore. There`s legal, insurable access provide access to the property, and underground power less than a mile away. The sandy soils are well drained, and the sand roads in this country work well with minimal care. Septic systems work well in sand, wells are easy to drill and the water is good. There are only two buildings on the property, the cabin and a storage building. 24.-Cabin Interior

The property is just five miles from the state highway and the access is excellent, but this is a remote wilderness setting. Seasonal access from Seney, 18 miles to the SE, is off M-77; west three miles on H-60, the "Adams Trail," and north four fifths of a mile on Teal Lake Road.

All of the property excepting only the five acres around the camp is enrolled under the Commercial Forest Act. The public has walking access to CFA lands for hunting and fishing, but motorized access is not allowed. It is up to you, but keeping most of the property in "CFA" will keep your taxes reasonable.

For a qualified buyer with a significant amount down, financing may be available. 29.-Lakes-connect

Those looking at a plat book will find this property mostly in the S 1/2 of Section 8, Township 48 North, Range 14 West, Burt Township, Alger County, MI. This land has been in one family`s ownership for many years. It is the kind of property that seldom trades. It can be a wilderness refuge for you and a priceless legacy for your children.

This listing has been sold!! View current property listings.

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